The RigidForm™ Drop-Stitch Floor
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The RigidForm™ Drop-Stitch Floor


How It Works: As shown in our inflatable standup paddle boards, drop-stitch technology allows us to create high pressure forms that are extremely rigid. Once a drop-stitch floor is placed within the kayak, it creates a hull with chine, which is what enhances the tracking and hull speed.

Why Choose It: The Drop-stitch floor provides the best in rigidity and stability and, once you install it, it stays put. There is no need to remove or re-install it with each setup and breakdown of the kayak. Additionally, if you are paddling a lot of shallow waters with hidden “surprises” beneath the water’s surface or, if you’ll be landing in heavy surf, the Drop-stitch floor is the way to go.

  • The AE-DS1012 Drop-stitch – AdvancedFrame® fits the following kayak models: AE1012 AdvancedFrame and AE1017 AdvancedFrame Sport.
  • The AE-DS1007 Drop-stitch – AdvancedFrame® Convertible fits the following kayak models: AE1007 AdvancedFrame® Convertible.
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The RigidForm™ Drop-Stitch Floor – AE-DS1012 AdvancedFrame®

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The RigidForm™ Drop-Stitch Floor – AE-DS1007 AdvancedFrame® Convertible

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