PaddleRaft™ – CatSUP Family
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PaddleRaft™ – CatSUP Family

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Use PaddleRaftTM CatSUP to explore waterways by either paddling or rowing. Fast and stable due to the unique catamaran design.   You can even attach an electric engine. Use alone or bring your friends and family. 


Throw out the anchor and enjoy your own private island. The unrivaled stability makes PaddleRaftTM CatSUP ideal for sun tanning or as a swimming platform. Or use for fishing, snorkelling, scuba diving, or even marine picnicking or camping.

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Bring anywhere and set up in 15 minutes.

PaddleRaftTM CatSUP is inflatable and can be set up in  just 15 minutes using a heavy-duty hand pump.

It comes in two version: CatSUP Touring for one or two paddlers and CatSUP Family for up to four people.

The product and all accessories are easily packed in two duffel bags; both fitted with shoulder straps. Once inflated, it can easily be carried by one or two people using any of the padded handles. Packing is equally simple: just deflate, roll up, and pack up. Both bags are made with adequate space for  your PaddleRaftTM CatSUP all accessories, and even extra gear.

A safe and secure experience.

The unique design with a large plate supported on two long pontoons, makes CatSUP extremely stable. You can walk around the entire area of the plate without any risk of capsizing. And it doesn’t matter whether you are alone or up to 2 adults on the Touring version and up to 2 adults and 2 children on the Family version. It’s equally stable.

You can even bring gear like camping chairs and tables aboard. This makes CatSUP ideal for activities such as picnicking, fishing, and swimming.

Go wherever you want.

CatSUP is inspired by the pontoon principle knows from catamarans. This makes it fast, stable, and spatious.

You can paddle your CatSUP alone or two people either standing up or sitting on your knees.  Two detachable fins on each pontoon secure good tracking.

Using our Accessory Rack (available in ’23), you can add an electric engine and carry a large battery for hours of effortless cruising.

Designed with your safety in mind.

We take safety serious and for that reason we are using extremely durable materials and have implemented numerous safety features. The pontoons are made of heavy-duty PVC Tarpauline as used in banana boats and the plate is made of high-quality  dropstitch material. Furthermore, the surface of the plate has a thick layer of EVA-foam making it skid resistant. Also, a  a rope ladder, securing easy access from the water, is included as a standard. The Family version even includes a safety rope attached to D-rings around the side of the plate.

Other safety accessories include foldable ancher, mooring line, and SUP-leash.

Storage space for gear is included.

Have you ever had to leave your gear on the beach or perhaps in your car and have to return to the place your journey started? CatSUP Family includes a storage net under the plate where you can store gear including paddles and other accessories. To keep your gear dry, we have even included 3 dry-bags in different colors and sizes. Dry-bags can be secured to your CatSUP using stainless carabiners. You can also store gear on top of the plate and on the Accessory Rack (coming in ’23).


You CatSUP comes with detachable fins, duffel bag, rope ladder, and repair kit as a standard.

Our range of accessories include Anchor, SUP-leash , High-capacity Triple Action Hand Pump, Adjustable SUP paddles, Dry-bags fitted with attached rope with stainless steel carabiners, Mooring Line with stainless steel carabiner, and Accessory Rack (comint ’23).

Designed to let you configure as you want.

A CatSUP is a very versatile vessel that can be used for many different purposes. Maybe you plan to use it for a specialized hobby such as fishing, diving, or birdwatching. Maybe you are interested in marine camping, attaching a tent and even combining several CatSUP’s to form an even larger platform. Or maybe you just want to bring it to a beach, lake, or a harbour for a day of fun with friends and family. Undestanding the very different needs of each customer, we have designed CatSUP to make it easy for you to “accessorize” it as you want. Accessory racks can be mounted on top of the pontoons. Gear can be attached to straps on the sides or at the bottom at the pontoons or to the sixteen D-rings placed along the edge of the plate. And more gear attachment accessories will soon be available. We welcome you to share your accessory attachement ideas in our social media platforms.