Naish S26 Jet Foil Complete

It is hard to believe that the Wing-Surfer is now entering its fourth generation!

The sport that Naish launched with the original “one-size-does-all” handheld wing has since taken the world by storm. Keeping pace with the rapidly advancing sport of wingfoiling, the Naish Wing-surfer MK4 checks all the boxes in terms of performance, features, and range.

It is designed to be a wing that excels at everything, from beginner to advanced, from cruising to racing, to wave riding or jumping. On the performance side, the MK4 packs the perfect balance of low end power, overall frame rigidity and upper end control. The target was balancing good “sheet-in-and- go” power in the lower wind range with speed and handling in the upper wind range. This may sound simple, but it’s not. Too much power or stiffness and a wing becomes unruly when powered up.

Too little power or stiffness and the wing will be hard to get going and collapse with heavier riders. The MK4’s increased strut and leading edge diameter add stiffness to the center triangle of the inflated structure for maximum power and stability. The leading edge diameter then quickly tapers out towards the wingtips, allowing the tips to flex off just the right amount for superior control and top speed under higher loads. The draft has also increased slightly over the S26 Wing-Surfer for added “get-up-and-go.” Medium canopy tension allows the wing to “breathe” slightly and luff without being overly loose or tight… again increasing the overall range of each size.

These parameters, along with leading edge dihedral that is consistent with the S26 makes for a very balanced feel and predictable power delivery in all winds and at all angles of attack.


JET 1050 + 1250

Naish Jet foils feature a medium aspect ratio delta-wing planform with moderate anhedral to deliver the optimum combination of early lift, speed, and turning ability. These wings are the ideal choice for foil surfing as well as a wide range of disciplines from windsurfing and wing-surfing to downwind kite foiling. The 1050 and 1250 are the go-to sizes for surf foiling in faster, steeper surf. These wings are also an excellent option for light wind kite foiling and windsurf foiling on crossover style boards. These wings are paired with the Stabilizer 320 back wing, which gives the complete setup more intuitive turning and response for pumping.

To make the S25 complete foil Naish’s best yet, each component has been completely redesigned with an emphasis on making them ultra-lightweight and strong.

JET 1650, 2000, 2450

The Jet 1650, 2000, and 2450 share many similar features to their smaller 1050 & 1250 counterparts. These larger wings feature a slightly higher aspect ratio in a delta wing planform with moderate anhedral to deliver early lift and a low stall speed while maximizing turning ability. These wings are the ideal choice for larger surfers surf foiling as well as SUP, downwind, and Wing-Surf foiling. These wings are paired with the Stabilizer 450 back wing, which gives the complete setup more lift at lower speeds and is optimized for improved turning and pumping performance.

*All complete sets come with an EVA front wing cover, stabilizer cover, mast cover, torx driver and the necessary screws

S26 Naish Jet Foil Complete